5 Weight Loss Myths To Avoid


Myth # 2: My Genes Make It Hard For Me To Lose Weight

This excuse has been scientifically proved wrong. Research shows that even people with highest risk of obesity from their genes can lose weight and improve their health with daily exercise. Exercise is only part of the equation though. If you’re not losing weight with exercise alone, look at other aspects of your lifestyle.y

Myth # 3: I Need Weight Loss Surgery

Unless you’re significantly overweight, this isn’t true. Doctors actually only recommend surgery to people that have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more, have a serious health problem related to obesity, e.g. heart disease or type 2 diabetes and understand all the risks of surgery.

Myth # 4: Weight Loss Surgery Is An Easy Option

People who struggle with the self-control needed to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime sometimes see surgery as a quick-fix. In fact, there’s a long and difficult process to follow on the road to bariatric surgery. Steps include psychological evaluation, general anesthesia and major surgery.

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