Ayurveda’s Take On Diabetes


What do Ancient Ayurvedic Text Say?

In Ayurvedic science, Diabetes was mentioned more than 3000 years ago by Charaka as ‘Prameha’ in Charaka Samhita. Diabetes is referred as Prameha or Madhumeha which means frequent urination and presence of sugar in urine. Charaka has classified Prameha as Sadhya (curable), Yapya (paliable) and Asadhya (incurable). According to Sushruta, Diabetes can be broadly classified based on physical appearance as – Saheja Prameha (Lean Diabetes) and Apathyani mittaja (Obese Diabetes). Saheja prameha is related to genetic disorder (Bija dosha) and is similar to Type 1 Diabetes class of modern science. Apathyani mittaja is due to life style disorders and is acquired at later stage of life. This correlates with Type 2 Diabetes of modern world.

Ayurveda’s Cure for Diabetes

Ayurvedic line of treatment is based on individual’s constitution and considering the Prakriti of patient, Dosha predominance. Other factors like hereditary, food habits etc. are also considered to prepare a specific line of treatment. Usually, Type1 Diabetes patients are advised Brimhana medication and diet to increase dhatus in body. Panchakarma is not advised to such patients.

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