Beautify your long tresses with these simple hairstyles

  • Go for streaks. Dye it red and blue and enjoy while the heads turn at you in amazement. The only trick is to carry it off with élan. If you get conscious about having dyed your hai red and blue, it may not be the right style for you! Some women also get streaks on clips attached to their hair to try the dyed hair look.
  • Braid your hair up and seal it with a bead. This has been the most common hairstyle for long hair. While some women braid two or three strands at the front, some go wackier by braiding all their hair. The benefit? If you have straight tresses, this style can lead to another style in return! Open those braids to find some beautiful curls adorning your head! It is time you make your friends uber jealous.
  • Go for flicks at the front while letting your long hair flow at the rear. Use stylish and blingy clips to add glamour to your dress or simply let them fall on your forehead. You may just add a little hotness to the grudged look by applying kohl in your eyes and wearing a fit bomber jacket!

Source: onlymyhealth

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