Simple Exercises To Get Rid Of Underarm Flab And Back Fat –


*Prone reverse fly*

This exercise needs no equipment and it targets the small spots in the upper back.
Lie on the ground with the face down and then, stretch the arms to the side. You need to raise the head and chest off the floor and face the back part of the hands to the ceiling. A tight squeeze will be noticed between the shoulder blades. Do three sets of 15 raises.

*T – Y – I*

These exercises target the upper back, improve the posture and strengthen the muscles.

The ‘T’ exercise: Lie on the floor faced down and stretch the arms so you can form the letter T. Face the palms to the floor, raise them and squeeze the shoulder blades. Keep this position for seven seconds and release the arms. Do 20 repetitions in 2 sets.
The ‘Y’ exercise: Stay in the exact lying position but now you need to stretch the arms above the head and form the letter Y. Raise the arms slowly and squeeze the shoulder blades. Keep straight the arms and release them slowly. Do 20 repetitions in 2 sets.

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