Fight Infections and Repair You Lungs With These 9 Herbs & Plants –


*Osha root*

It is native to the area of the Rocky Mountain. Its roots contain camphor which offers lung support. This root helps increase the circulation to the lungs and make it easier to take a deep breath.


This herb is used to fight chest congestion because of its antiseptic essential oils. It is natural anti-fungal and antibiotic. Consuming thyme tea can cleanse the viruses and bacteria from the body to fight infection.


It contains nutrients and vitamins that support healthy immune system. It contains rosmarinic acid and carvacrol, compounds that act as histamine reducers and decongestant. It has positive effects on the airflow through the nasal passage and respiratory tract.


It can clear the excess mucus from the lungs and its leaves and flowers are used to make great herbal extract. It is able to clean the bronchial tubes and reduce the respiratory tract’s inflammation.

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