Dalia – The perfect choice for weight loss

dalia contains high fiber content

Slow to Process

There is a common notion that foods that process and burn faster are more beneficial in weight loss, however this is untrue. Instead, the foods that process quickly tend to make you feel hungry faster and lead to more storage of sugar in the body. The benefit of eating dalia is that your body breaks it down and absorbs slowly.

Low Glycemic Index

A glycemic index is used to measure how much sugar is being converted from any particular food. The higher index indicates more sugar. Low glycemic index foods are recommended best for someone who is seeking to lose weight. And dalia is one such food. It gets absorbed slowly and keeps your blood sugar in balance.

High Protein

Dalia is an excellent source of protein. You should eat dalia for weight loss because it gives you a high protein diet and does not contain fats. Therefore, it is a safe, fat-free source of protein that you must include in your diet.


Since dalia is rich in fibre and takes longer to get fully absorbed, it will leave you fuller for long. You will not feel hungry as quickly as you may feel after eating some other foods. A smaller portion of dalia can satisfy your hunger.

Source: onlymyhealth


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