She Used These 2 Ingredients to Make a Cure for Cancer – but Then the Government Shut Her Down


The cancer industry is one of the most profitable ones, and large pharmaceutical companies make a fortune from the conventional cancer treatments.

Consequently, it is not in their best interest to confirm cancer cures, especially if they cannot be patented. Since cancer is the most profitable disease in the medical history, numerous people struggle to keep it that way and make even more money.

In the case of healthy people, the blood oxygen level is between 98 and 100 when measured with a pulse oximeter, while in cancer patients, it is only 60.

The oxygen in the blood of cancer patients is replaced with waste, like carbon dioxide. The deficiency of oxygen leads to the creation of tumors, and cells are forced to mutate in the attempt to supply themselves with energy from a sugar fermentation process.

The waste products of fermentation accumulate in the tissues and lead to even higher toxicity, causing more acidosis and cells which lack oxygen.

This ends up in an increased number of cancer cells. Dr. Otto Warburg provided evidence for these facts and thus won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1931.

The Budwig Protocol alkalizes the body and stimulates the oxygen supply much faster than any other therapy. The cancer cells cannot thrive if the body has sufficient amounts of oxygen.

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