Shocking – She Was Convicted For Death – Liberated – And Lost Almost 400 kg!


Her life was a drama. Even she can not tell how she survived and lived life as the heaviest woman in the world, full with sorrow, helplessness, in bed and depending  on the help of others.

When she put to death her sisters’ son, there was a tribe, and she was in the world media in 2009. Accused that she fell accidentally guilty  a 2 years old kid with her weight.

Yet, in 2011 she was realised, because the scars of the head of the kid were a result of abuse, and not suffocation. – I just said that it was my fault, because I wanted to help my sister. That’s why I said that it was my fault, even though I knew that it wasn’t. I knew that my sister is abusing the kid, yelled at him and batted him.

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