10 Awesome Kitchen Tips Everyone Should Know

Here are 10 simple and effective kitchen tips everyone should know.

10 Awesome Kitchen Tips Everyone Should Know

1. Remove Garlic & Onion Smell

After chopping onions and garlic, smell likes to stick around on your hands, and soap doesn’t do much to get it off. To get rid of that smell, you can just rub your hands with a stainless steel spoon. The sulfur molecules that create the distinctive onion smell react with the chromium in the stainless steel and become neutralized.

2. Keep vegetables Fresh

Paper towel can helps to keep vegetables fresh longer. Place the washed veggies in a ziplock bag along with a clean, dry paper towels. They absorb the moisture that causes your fruits and vegetables to rot.

3. Fix Oversalted Soups

If your soup is too salty, peel a whole potato and toss it in. It will absorb liquid and salt to reduce the saltiness of a thin soup. Add more liquid to the soup once the salty flavor is sufficiently reduced.

4. Keep apples from turning brown

Apples begin to brown once the fleshy insides are exposed to air. To prevent this from happening drop the fruit into a bowl of acidic liquid such as lemon or vinegar.

5. Make a Clear Ice

To make clear ice cubes, boil the water twice and freeze it. If you make your ice cubes with room temperature or clear water, they’ll be foggy.

6. Check if egg is fresh or not

Fill a bowl with cold water and place the egg inside. If it sinks to the bottom, it’s still good. If it floats, toss it. Since egg shells are porous, over time the liquid in the egg evaporates and is replaced by outside air causing the egg to float instead of sink.

7. Peel Pomegranate Faster

Slice through the pomegranate vertically. Take half of your sliced pomegranate and place it in the water filled bowl. Now, using your fingers, pull the seeds away from the skin and membrane. The seeds will sink to the bottom of the bowl and the skin/pit will float to the top. Now strain the seeds from the water.

8. Peel Ginger

Ginger can be pretty difficult to peel with its irregular shape. Using a spoon instead of a knife makes peeling ginger more clean and efficient.

9. Prevent Water from Boiling Over

When you’re boiling water, place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot.The spoon will pop the bubbles and keeps the water from boiling over

10. Soften frozen Butter

If you grate a stick of frozen butter and let it sit out for just a couple of minutes, the fluffy flakes will warm and soften right up for the use.

Source: IFAI

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