10 Brilliant Office Tips Everyone Should Know

Below is the list of 10 Brilliant Office tips everyone should know:

10 Brilliant Office Tips Everyone Should Know

1. Mobile Phone Stand Using Cassette Case

phone stand
You can use the plastic case of old cassette tape as a desk stand for your mobile phones. Just remove the cassette tape, open the case upside down and insert your mobile phone in it. The mobile phone can either be placed in portrait or landscape mode.

2. Cord Organizer Binder Clips

Cord Organizer
Keep all of these cords straight and untangled at your desk by using binder clips. Simply attach a binder clip to the side of your desk and slip the top of a cord through it. Repeat with all of your cords. This will keep cords handy for when you need them, and organized when you don’t.

3. Use Sticky Notes to Clean Keyboard

Use the sticky side of a the notepaper to clean your keyboard and the space between your keys. The adhesive will pick up any dust or crumbs without leaving a sticky residue behind.

4. Use Soda can to boost wifi

You can improve the WIFI signal reception or strength with a soda can. The metal in the can and the shape of the can when cut open can focus the signal to and from your router. Below is the video tutorial:

5. Use Pen Spring To Protect Your Charger cord from breaking/bending

Phone chargers are most fragile near the ends by the plugs. Keep these areas safe by wrapping the spring from old pen around them. It will protect your charger cable from bending and breaking.

6. Coffee Filter Screen Wipe

screen cleaner
Coffee filters are lint-free, so they are perfect for cleaning the dust from laptop or tablet screens, smartphones and TVs. The porous design lends itself to perfectly clear glass and screens.

7. Bread Tie Labeler

All of the cables can easily get tangled up behind your computer desk and it can get kind of confusing, especially if you need to locate a specific one. Using plastic bread clips is a simple solution to knowing what line is for what by writing what wire goes where and clipping the bread clip to the wire.

8. Egg Carton for laptop cooling

egg tray laptop cooling stand
This is the cheap and effective laptop cooler stand, simply use the egg carton to put under a laptop for easy cooling underneath. The holes in between each egg holder allows air to circulate under the laptop allowing it to cool.

9. Paper Cup Smartphone Speakers

cups as smartphone speaker
Amp up the audio on your smartphone by simply using a paper cup. Place the phone, speaker-end down, into an upright paper cup. The raised cup bottom allows vibration to help increase the sound.

10. Simple hanger for your headphones

If you need a place to store your headphones that’s within easy reach and not taking up space on your desk, here is the solution. Just hook two binder clips on to your desk as shown above to make a headphone holder.

Source: IFAI

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