10 Qualities Of Strong Women That Men Can’t Handle


1. She Is Her Own Fighter

A woman with such inner strength is independent and can take care of herself. She will not just fight her own battles but will help you fight yours too. Not playing victim or victor, she sees her man as a companion to go hand-in-hand. She showers her closed ones with love and affection selflessly but not at the risk of being used or taken for granted.

2. She Knows What She Wants

A woman who is strong knows what she wants, what it would take to get it, and if it’s worth it. This includes being the one to chase a man she is interested in, her ambitions, or even just pushing herself to do better. She does not need someone to do her work, but will rather go for it herself, no matter how hard the way might be. This trait can however be very intimidating, because she will showcase even her submissiveness with an underlying power; those around may not know what to do for her because she does it for herself.

3. She Respects Honesty And Vulnerability

A strong woman is not a helpless damsel or even a wonder woman. She is simply her own person, without bringing anyone else down to be so. She has a deep understanding of herself and others, almost like a self-taught psychologist. This means she does not hesitate to ask herself, others, or her man the tough questions and go in-depth into their mindset, childhood, any trauma, and life-changing experiences.

She is not afraid of showing her vulnerability honestly and hopes the same from her man too, knowing that there will be no judging or patronizing. She sees every person as a human with your own story and point of view and helps you do so as well. And this is how she knows if you’re the one who will be beside her to face life’s toughest situations; if not, she can do it herself.

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