10 Real Reasons Why Relationships Fail

  • Trust – this is one of the most harmful things in a relationship. Without trust it can never have two key anchors to a strong bond which are safety and security. If in case you partner makes you feel insecure, stonewalls your concerns, and contempt your fears then your relationship has no foundation to continue building.
  • Cheating – if you discreetly stay in touch with your ex, send harmless texts and convince your partner that it is nothing, if you defense yourself when your partner asks you about your past, if you like to keep options open by staying in touch with potential people with whom there can be something, if you constantly compare how will your relationship be with another person, it means that you have to end your relationship.
  • Communication – if you are lacking communication or have one where you are constantly derisive or are treated with sarcasm or negativity then the relationship will fail. It is not even good to bottle up your feelings if you fear a fight as this will work like a poison.
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