10 Tricks To Get Rid Of Plastic And Help Out The Planet

That’s a terrible mindset. You are the one who can change something, and you can! It comes from making small changes in your life that will reduce the need of using plastic.

I have put together the following tips to help you reduce the usage of plastic. Some may seem a little out there and some may seem impractical to you but ask yourself this question: Is it really practical to have 270,000 tons of toxic plastic floating around in our oceans?

Using a clean towel or washcloth will keep your produce fresh. For things like lettuce, use a dry towel and wrap it up like an envelope.

Fill up a small mason Jar with water, baking soda and coconut oil (optional).You can find more recipes

Many of the exfoliating face and body washes contains microbeads, which once washed away are harmful to the marine life. Mix some ground coffee with coconut oil or avocado and you have a great substitute!

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