10 Week No – Gym Home Workout Plan That Burns Fat Guaranteed

  1. Do Crunches
  • Lie flat on your back and then lift your leg in such a way that it is at a 90-degree angle to your body.
  • Lock the fingers of your hands behind your head and lift your upper torso towards your knees.
  • When going back to the starting posture, you should inhale, then when you sit up and your chest is about touching your knees, you then exhale.
  1. Do Push-ups
  • Your starting posture should be a high plank, where your hands are planted on the ground and your back is straightened and flat.
  • Next, lower your body by using your arms as leverage. Your elbows will bend as you do this.
  • When you are going down inhale air, your elbows should be in close proximity to your body, while your shoulder blades move back. As you lift yourself up to the starting posture you then exhale.
  1. Do The Squats
  • While standing, let your legs be at a shoulders-width apart, then let your shoulder by pushed back as your straighten your spinal area.
  • With your arms spread out in front of you and your palms facing the ground, you then squat, your back should remain straight and your feet firmly planted on the ground. Your knees will be slightly above your waistline and hips and your buttocks almost touching your ankles as you perform the squats.

You can do these exercises at home, rather than at a gym, here is a 10-week plan you can adopt today to get you fit and healthy.

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