10 Weight Loss Foods That Are Super Easy To Prepare


Cottage Cheese

This amazing source of pure protein without fats of extra salt will convert into muscle instead of the regular cheese which might turn into fat. So, whenever you think of adding regular cheese into your salad, lower the calorie intake and add the cottage cheese instead. It will make you feel full and it goes well with fruits and vegetables also.

Coffee or Tea

No matter your choice, coffee or tea will both speed up your metabolism and act as a natural diuretic for throwing away the extra water and waste material from your body. Coffee and any type of tea will curb your hunger. Here there is a variety from which you can choose: green tea (which is abundant in antioxidants), black tea (which boosts your metabolism), white tea, mint tea, etc.


Asparagus is your smartest choice if you are willing to include a green vegetable into your diet. It acts like a diuretic and also helps your kidneys flush out the unnecessary waste materials. It is easy to prepare because it just needs about 10 minutes to fry in olive oil.


You should make smoothies a part of your daily routine. No matter if you choose fruits or vegetables to make your smoothie, it is the number one choice which will be a perfect breakfast. All you have to do is just put the ingredients into a blender and there you have your nutritious breakfast or even a snack.

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