12 Plums Daily Makes Miracle For a Slim Figure!

One plum is the same as a handful of blueberries… when it is about the quantity of antioxidants. It is inevitable choice of every housewife who is preparing preserves, besides being the most commonly used for the preparation of jam and dumplings, of course it is advisable to eat and fresh because it contains vitamin C (5 to 8 mg per 100 g, depending on the sort), vitamin B6, copper, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin K, magnesium, iron and calcium. Plum is rich in fiber, 2 g per 100 g, and after all it is low calorie fruit.

12 Plums Daily Makes Miracle For a Slim Figure!

Studies have shown that plum strengthens bones, reduces the risk of colon cancer, but also that consumption of 12 average-sized plums a day for two months, lower the bad cholesterol LDL.

And even here is not the end of the benefits of this “Queen”. Consuming about 12 plums per day, or 100 grams in a period of three months, markers in the blood that indicate increased bone density will increase dramatically, according to a research.

Plum has a laxative effect, because it contains dihydroxy-phenyl isatin. As well, it contains sorbitol, phenols, and fiber. 25 grams of prunes, which is equivalent to an average of three fruits, provide us 5% of the required daily intake of fiber for men from 19 to 50 years 25%, and for women of the same age group 7%.

Source: foodsandhealthylife

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