13-Day Diet That Helps You Lose Up To 40 Pounds

It must be followed for 13 days. No more, no less. That’s because the 13-day diet is an extremely low caloric diet with an intake of approximately 600 calories per day.

You may experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies and tiredness because this diet is unbalanced, lacking in dairy, whole grains and fruits. You’ll also feel hungry all the time and your body will be more receptive to illness.

Here are some rules you need to follow with this diet:

  • During the diet you must stop eat sweets or chewing gum, drink beer or wine, or any extra food, All the hard work up until then will nullify itself in your body chemistry.
  • If you brake this diet, you cannot start again for 6 months.
  • You CANNOT follow this diet again for another two years (because of the shake-up to your metabolism) if you follow it step by step over 13 days.
  • Throughout this diet you may supplement salmon/lamb /beef/with 250g of chicken breast.
  • Use garlic, seasoning, oregano or any other pepper  but NO SALT on this diet.
  • You can eat normally after 13 days , but recommended one or two days a week of sensible eating.
    Avoid any intense physical activity, because of the extremely low calorie intake.


Here is the entire eating plan for 13 days. Follow it strictly if you want to lose more than 15 pounds in 2 weeks!


Source: healthydiet24

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