15 Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves That You Shouldn’t Miss

Guava leaves are known around the world as a powerful natural remedy for many conditions. They can offer you numerous healthy benefits due to their richness in vitamin A and C, healthy fiber and lycopene.

Guava Leaves

In this article we give you 15 amazing health benefits provided by guava leaves:

1. Reduces bad LDL cholesterol without affecting good HDL cholesterol levels.

2. Guava leaf tea treats bronchitis and coughs

3. Relieve the itching caused by allergies- just crush the leaves and apply them on the affected area. The same goes for insect bites.

4. Stop the hair loss-you just need to boil the leaves and then leave them to cool off. Use the cold mixture to massage your scalp.

5. Lose weight by stopping carbohydrates from turning into sugar and suppresses your appetite with guava leaf tea.

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