Mold is a serious health problem and, worst of all, it is neglected by almost everyone.

You may not be able to see or smell it.

However, this fungus may be growing in your home and may be the reason you feel sick.

Mold poisoning, in short, may be affecting your health.


Unfortunately conventional medicine does not believe that exposure to mold is a major problem.

In addition, it is difficult to diagnose someone with toxicity caused by mold.

This problem can be confused with many other conditions and the symptoms are non-specific.

But the fact is that mold is a big enemy of health.

Pregnant women, babies and the elderly are among those who suffer most from this type of problem.

Mold-borne spores can start or worsen asthma, as well as transmit bacteria that can cause serious infections.

With the humidity and the heat, it is common the appearance of mold in the walls of our house.

It can appear in any damp corner.