15 Ways to Keep a Relationship Going Without Being Bored and Complicating it

Here are the ways to keep your relationship going with being bored and fighting:

# Love each other unconditionally. Don’t love them for what they have, what you want them to be and what you want from them.

# Don’t lie, no matter how worst the condition could be. It is better to hurt them with truth rather than comforting them with lies.

# Keep communication open, talk about your problems, tell and ask about each other’s routine, days and life.

# Stay sweet, little gestures can make your relationship even better.

# When you get hurt try to forgive and forget rather than holding grudges.

# Never talk about break-ups and ending the relationship over small fights.

# Never say it’s okay when it is not. You are supposed to talk about things and sort them out. Saying it is okay when it is not, only make things worse.

# Forget about pride and ego, ego makes things complicated for both of you.

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