15-Year-Old Puts Cancer Industry to Shame – Develops 100% Accurate Cancer Test Using Google (VIDEO)!

The conspiracy theory that the medical industries are hiding a cure for cancer from the public has been around for so many years. The logical arguments against this legend include the fact that a lot of people in the medical and scientific industry, such as doctors, researchers, and nurses along with their beloved families and friends, die of this terrible disease at similar rates as everyone else in the world.

15-Year-Old Puts Cancer Industry to Shame - Develops 100% Accurate Cancer Test Using Google (VIDEO)!

Jack Andraka is a fifth-teen year old boy (from Crownsville, Maryland) who invented a new process to detect lethal cancer, and therefore he is considered as a Teen Genius of Pancreatic Cancer.

To be precise, this teenager started to work on this matter after his close friend died from pancreatic cancer. Because of this tragedy, the resolution of Jack was to be more proactive instead of just accepting the situation without doing anything.

Unluckily, due to its late detection, the pancreatic cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer-related deaths (34, 000 died so far). Furthermore, the widely held tests are 60 years old and one of the most expensive ($ 800) testing procedures which miss about 30 percent of all pancreatic cancers.

Jack came up with a test that is capable of detecting cancer in its earliest stage by focusing on the fact that the main issue was a lack of early detection tests.

By using the two most used online resources, Google and Wikipedia, which are available almost to everyone who has an internet connection, Jack made a 100 % accurate cancer test that costed him just 3 cents and 5 minutes on internet.

Moreover, the test invented by this extraordinary young boy is 26 times cheaper, 400 times more sensitive than the current standard test of detection and what is more important 168 times faster.

This remarkable discovery by Jack undoubtedly put cancer industry to shame and it is of great importance in further cancer treatments.

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Source: Natural Healthy Team

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