2 Home Remedies Proven to Get Rid of Ringworms

Typical treatments for this condition are antifungal creams that you can get without a prescription at the pharmacy. However, if you want to treat this infection naturally there are a number of options at you can use.

2 Home Remedies Proven to Get Rid of Ringworms

Home Remedies


Ginger has great anti-fungal properties used for all kinds of fungal infections like yeast infections, athlete’s foot, and ringworms. You can peel and then cut some fresh ginger into small slices.

Now dip the ginger slices into some apple cider vinegar and then apply the soaked ginger slices onto the affected area on your skin. No fungus likes acidic environments so the acidity in the vinegar will really help.

You will need to leave it in place for an hour or two before removing. Continue this ginger treatment until the symptoms are gone. You can also drink some ginger tea while you apply the fresh ginger root to the affected area for double effectiveness.

To make the tea simply place some fresh ginger into a cup of boiling water and allow it to steep. You will need to drink this tea a few times each day.


Turmeric is a popular herb to get rid of ringworms. You can drink the raw turmeric juice or apply it directly to the infected area. If you aren’t really a fan of the way the turmeric tastes you can add a little honey to it. For a even better solution try mixing 3 ounces of the turmeric with 1 ounce of vinegar.

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