2 Simple Ways Of Removing Dry and Dark Skin On The Elbows

Are the dark elbows bothering you also? Try these tricks. These are simple ways of removing dry and dark skin on the elbows, which you can do by yourself:

Home Remedies to get rid of dark knees and elbowsImage Source: healthtipsportal

Turmeric milk

This spice is a friend of your skin that will protect and hydrate it.


Mix one tablespoon of turmeric powder and a little milk to make a thick paste.
Apply the paste on the elbows and rub it well, then leave it for 5 minutes to work.
Rinse with soap and water.

Olive oil and sugar

A great combination for hydration and pilling for the skin that can be used anywhere on the body.


Mix one tablespoon olive oil and the same amount of sugar
With the resulting mixture massage the elbows and the other parts on the body where the skin is dry and hard
After massaging for 5 minutes, rinse the skin with shower gel and water

Source: healthtipsportal

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