2 Ways To Tone Your Arms With No Equipment Require

We think that the only way to stay fit and get into shape is to pump and pull up some iron. Today is your lucky day and we will tell you some arm workouts easy to be done at your home. They are designed by Jasmine Graham – owner of Fit Factory NYC gym and founder of Pace For Success. These exercises can get your arms to look toned and with no need to weightlift.

Every movement should be done for 1 minute with 20 seconds rest period. In the beginning try this routine just once (total 5 minutes) and after a while repeat it as you get more strength.

Arm Exercises Without Weights



So this is not one of the body builder and gym class punishment workout. Wall push-ups are meant to be effective and simple exercise that will tone your body. With taking of the strain of gravity and focusing of the extension and contraction of the triceps, wall pushups will allow minimum strain and maximum gain.

If you want to do a wall push-ups find a sturdy and flat wall, stand six inches away from it and put your shoulder width apart on it. Go back until you feel your feet placed into the ground and heels off the ground. Inhale when you go towards the wall and exhale air while you come up.

Jasmine’s tip: try some mini steps closer to the wall if a full step back is too difficult for you. After a while try a full step back.


The best exercise for toning your body is a floor dip. Elevated chair dips are nice, but they often turn into pelvic thrust, says Gram. This is because some individuals are too elevated and they are focusing on their hips instead of arms and get tired.

So these are some of the easiest home workouts to get your arms ready and toned for the summer season.

Source: healthylivinghouse

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