20 Awesome Things that you Do Exclusively on Holi!

4.We all have some embarrassing stories of consuming a bhaang and going crazy.

5.Before starting to play you spend an hour to fill the water balloons before hand.

6. Slathering yourself in oil from head to toe – unless you want to be pink and purple for the next two weeks.

7.Everyone of you irrespective of your age or skills run after each other shouting like 5 year old kids.

8.This is the day when everyone forgets the grudges they used to have with anyone.

9.You can throw everything from tomatoes to eggs on everyone around you without getting arrested.

10.You drink from morning and not stop till the booze finishes or you pass out.

11.You get the opportunity to eat those lovely Gujiaas which you will not get on any other festival.

12. Holi is probably the only day when you can take the mud baths and nobody will point you out as an animal.

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