29 Holistic Doctors/Practitioners Found Poisoned, Some Nearly Dead. Another Attack On Alternative Medicine?

Nearly 30 holistic doctors and naturopaths were found poisoned and it’s still not clear how this tragedy happened.

According to Health Nuts News, authorities in Germany are still trying to determine how 29 people were simultaneously drugged with toxic doses of amphetamines. Many of these people were found nearly dead and the rescue crews did everything to save their lives.

29 Holistic Doctor Practitioners Found Poisoned, Some Nearly Dead. Another Attack On Alternative Medicine

As US News reports, this incident took place in Germany at a homeopathic conference on Saturday in Handeloh. According to the authorities at 2:25 p.m., an emergency call for help was placed at the convention center, and within 90 minutes, 150 first responders arrived at a horrifying scene.

The scene was truly horrifying. Nearly 30 people were found in agony, struggling for their lives. According to the public broadcaster NDR, all of these people were aged between 24 and 56 and when the rescue crews arrived, all of them had symptoms, such as, delusions, breathing problems, racing hearts and cramps and many of them were in a life-threatening condition.

Fire service spokesman Mathias Köhlbrandt, said that there were men and women lying with cramps all over the place. He also said that it seemed that these people did not took the drug intentionally, which means that the entire incident was either accidental or possibly a deliberate malicious attack.

In many reports, these victims were described as homeopathic and alternative practitioners, which is where this story becomes particularly disturbing.

In addition we must mention the recent events, involving the mysterious deaths and disappearances of well-known alternative doctors.

Dr. Teresa Sievers, M.D., was found dead in her home under suspicious circumstances. She was loved in her community and was well known as a provider of essential treatments, such as alternatives to Big Pharma. Teresa’s dead was only one of the many cases involving similar people and events. This may sound terrible, but at least 5 holistic doctors were found dead in a short period of time.

It is a well-known “secret” that Big Pharma is and has always been in war with alternative medicine. Big Pharma’s modus operandi is to generate profit by selling drugs that perpetuate a cycle of addiction and dependency, rather than liberation and empowerment.

The popular documentary “Burzysnki”, which is available on Netflix, shows how these giant pharmaceutical companies have infiltrated the Food and Drug Administration. You should also know that the revolutionary alternative treatment of Dr. Burzysnki for a malicious form of brain cancer was systematically suppressed by the FDA. Through legal loopholes, raids of his workplace, and subliminal threats, the Food and Drug Administration and Big Pharma managed to damage this honest doctor and his dying patients.

This can only mean one thing. These companies have great profit and that is a big enough motive to silence the alternative medicine, especially these holistic approaches, which are designed to empower and liberate patients by addressing root causes, rather than merely treating the symptoms in perpetuity.

This is not the full story, but we are waiting for any new significant details. As soon as we get them we will update this story.


You should note this. According to Telegraph, the intoxicated delegates did not took some homeopathic medicine, but instead they were poisoned with a dangerous psychedelic drug.

The tests showed that all of these people took 2C-E, or Aquarust, an amphetamine that was banned in Germany in 2014.

The police is still investigating whether the delegates took the drug knowingly or were victims of some horrible prank.

Source: Natural Medicine Box

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