3 Best Solutions for Removal of Clogged Water in the Ears!

Because of the high summer temperatures we shower more frequently, swim, etc. so often times water clogs in our ears. Besides being unpleasant, it can also be dangerous. In order to solve this problem, we present you 3 ways in which you can remove the water from the ears. However, if neither of these solutions helps you, you have to consult a doctor.

3 Best Solutions for Removal of Clogged Water in the Ears!

Create a vacuum in the ear

Lower down the head on that side of the ear which is clogged; press it with your palm and then press inside-outside. In this way you will create a mild vacuum for water removal. The vacuum can be made with a finger as well. Lower down your head on one side, press with the finger and quickly pull it out. Repeat the process until you feel that the water has been removed. Also, massage the ear clockwise.

Jump on one leg

Lower down your head on the side of your clogged ear, stand on one leg and jump. In the same time, pull the tragus since it can widen the ear canal. If you do not want to jump, put your head down and pull the tragus.


Yawning, helps in the same way as chewing since the bones around the ear bend. In this way you will move the water and it will come out from your ear.

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