3 Detox Drinks for a Maximum Weight Loss

One of the most important things for your health is to drink more fluids. Only water can be annoying and juices are filled with lot of sugar. Detox drinks, like natural flavoured water are the perfect balance, because you drink more water and consume healthy fruit simultaneously.

Also can be a simple and quick way to lose the excess pounds. Also, these drinks look quite appealing and tasty so drinking good amount of it won’t be a problem for you.

3 Detox Drinks for a Maximum Weight Loss

Preparation for all 3 detox drinks recipes:

– Put the ingredients in one big pitcher, add ice and fill it with water. Cover the jar and refrigerate overnight so the flavor can be more intense, and the water is infused with the ingredients.

Optional: You can add honey, stevia, or other natural sweetener if you feel that it should be more sweet.

1) Strawberry Lemon

6-8 strawberries
1 sliced lemon
handful of basil

2) M L C Power – Melon, Lemon and Cucumber

1 melon sliced into thin pieces
1 sliced lemon
1 small cucumber
handful of mint leaves

3) Raspberry Peach Kiwi
peach, raspberry

2 peaches
3 kiwis
1/2 cup raspberries
1 sliced orange

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