3 Foods that Remove Nicotine from the Body Very Effectively!

You quit smoking. But in addition of suffering torture with “crisis”, you began to emerge numerous problems, from acne to constant hunger. No, it does not mean that you need to smoke, it only solves the body of toxins that are systematically crammed into it.

3 Foods that Remove Nicotine from the Body Very Effectively!

These foods will help you feel great and as quickly as possible to remove nicotine from the body.

Green tea

Smoking cells lose the necessary water, and the body more quickly getting dehydrated. Drinking large quantities of green tea encourage lymphatic drainage and removing nicotine from the body.

The first results that the best you will notice is urinating – urine will have a stronger aroma and will be darker in color.


Apart from water, smoke from your body “forcing”, and vitamins A, C and E that actually strengthen the immune system. To compensate for the lost of vitamins every morning before a meal drink a glass of warm water with lemon. But that definitely do not work immediately before or after tooth brushing as it will destroy tooth enamel.

Spinach and broccoli

Folic acid the body is used much more if you are a smoker, but it is very important for the normal operation and development of cells, especially blood cells. Spinach and broccoli are very rich in this vitamin from group B, and so help to get your blood more easily cleaned of nicotine. Note that you should eat spinach combined with dairy products otherwise you will need additional intake of calcium.

Source: healthyfoodusa

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