3 Herbs That Are Excellent For Healthy Hair

The number of hair care products on the market is endless. But if you prefer to enhance your hair quality in a completely natural way, there is a list of herbs for you to look at. The following herb shave been used as herbal hair remedies for hundreds of years and these have proved to stimulate hair growth as well as cure various hair issues.

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One of the most commonly used hair herbs available both dry and fresh – the Indian gooseberry – is abundant in vitamin C, which stimulates hair growth and improves overall texture. Apart from this, gooseberry helps to naturally darken the hair.


Abounding in hair-rejuvenating components, basil is highly efficient in treating a number of hair infections and issues such as dandruff and itchy scalp. To improve your hair quality, you can apply basil puree on your hair as a mask, or you can simply increase your daily basil intake.

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves have been used for centuries to treat various hair problems by the South Indians.Many hair issues, including hair quality and texture, can be dealt with by simply boiling curry leaves in coconut water until they are charred and then applying the mixture on your scalp.

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