3 Most Powerful Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth That Works Wonder In Few Days!

When someone talks or smiles the very first thing we notice are the teeth. Sparkling white smile is the best, but what about if you have yellow teeth. We have a solution for this problem. Here we can present you some home remedies that do wonders.

3 Most Powerful Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth That Works Wonder In Few Days!

Having white teeth is a great attribute to your already attractive appearance. Rather, your pleasant smile will create a really good first impression in professional circles. So, the first step to this is to use the natural teeth whiteners to do away with the pesky yellow stains. You must be fond of eating these juicy, succulent orange fruits. Now the next time you eat one, don’t throw away the orange peel. Rather use it for rubbing over your teeth daily, before bedtime. The calcium content and Vitamin C in the orange, which is a citrus fruit, keeps fighting the microorganism, throughout the night. It will show successful results by means of sparkling white teeth if you keep doing it regularly for several weeks.

 Here some remedies and tips how to whiten and keep the sparkling smile:

Use straws while drinking cold drinks

Sodas and other hot or cold drinks can make the teeth yellow. So when you consume this type of drinks it is recommendable to use a straw in order not to color your teeth. When you use straw the drink could not reach the teeth.

Treatment with baking soda

Sometimes even when you use the best toothpaste the yellow stains won’t come out. Another home remedies for this is baking soda. This is successful solution. Just mix small amount of tooth paste with baking soda and brush your teeth.

Strawberries for dental treatment

The vitamin C from the strawberries gives the teeth the pearly color. By using strawberries you will remove stains and obtain perfect pearly smile. Crush a few of the strawberry fruits into a pulpy content and use the paste to brush your teeth softly. Do it for a few weeks and you will find the ugly yellow tinges disappearing.  But you should brush your teeth with the strawberry paste two times on a daily basis.

Source: Healthy Life Centar

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