3 Natural Antibiotics That Promote Health and Fight Diseases

There are many foods and herbs that can treat and prevent many diseases and illnesses. Many people start using natural antibiotics and remedies for these diseases rather than using the traditional Western medicine with side effects and risks.

The natural antibiotics can be a really powerful treatment for diseases, preventing illnesses and keeping the health of the body in balance. Natural antibiotics, like ginger, honey and Echinacea, among others, are very powerful remedies for many diseases and illnesses.

1. Honey
The honey contains natural antibiotic properties. Placing it on burns and wounds can promote faster healing and fight infection. Using the locally sourced honey also can fight environmental or seasonal allergies. Since the bees use local pollen in the making of honey, people who have pollen allergies can get better by consuming local honey. The honey is a natural sweetener, and adding it to tea is a great way to get all its health benefits.

2. Ginger
Ginger is an ingredient in more than half of the traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Except for the power that it has to heal illnesses and diseases, the ginger is also popular because it is able to calm the upset stomachs, and can be quite comforting when brewed like a tea. Also, it is often used in cooking.


3. Garlic
Garlic is a food that is used frequently in cooking, but it also can be used as a powerful remedy to fight off diseases and infections like colds, ear aches, pneumonia, and flus. The garlic can boost the immune system of the body, and also reduce the risk of health diseases. Also, it contains vitamin C that is beneficial to the health. Because it is used in cooking, the garlic is available for anyone who needs it.

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