3 Natural Antibiotics to Heal Your Cold!

Did you know there are natural antibiotics in your home? It seems nowadays doctors are eager to prescribe antibiotics for nearly any infection,bacterial or not. Waiting rooms are full of patients complaining about cold and flu like symptoms, and antibiotics have become the easy way out for doctors to clear out the room. Patients are actively looking for natural remedies to avoid the clustered waiting rooms and prescribed antibiotics.

Here are a few natural antibiotic solutions to stock up on and fight that infection.

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Garlic cloves

Fresh crushed garlic cloves have an active component called Allicin, which offers a wide variety of antimicrobial components. In its pure form Allicin can fight against several strains of bacteria, including multi-drug resistant strains of E. coli (Escherichia Coli).

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Lemon juice

Lemon juice has many antibacterial properties and high levels of vitamin C, which aids the antiviral properties to fight all kinds of infections. Lemons are very low in sugar, which helps starve microbes by not feeding them. This boosts your immune system, helping your body clean itself of any foreign pathogens. Lemon juice balances pH to create an internal alkaline environment which is the ideal atmosphere that is hostile to disease. Use thin-skinned lemons for the most antibacterial benefits.

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Antibiotic Tea

One of the easiest and most effective ways to fight bacterial infection is to consume warm antibacterial tea. Tea does not only give your digestive system a break to free up energy for the immune system to work more effectively, but it allows you to create a formula that provides synergistic effects that decreases your healing time.

To conclude, the most effective way to keep off dangerous bacteria is to consume as many antibacterial foods and beverages as possible. Make sure to limit your sugar intake, keep away from stress and increase your natural forms of vitamin C. Take immune boosting concoctions on a daily basis and wash your hands. Natural antibiotic solutions to stock up on and fight that infection. Natural Antibiotics to heal your cold are safe to use and can be found in your home.

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Prevention is the key!

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