3 Simple Recipes For Liver Cleansing And Elimination Of FAT

Enjoy these drinks that will replenish the body and eliminate toxins and fat.

3 Simple Recipes For Liver Cleansing And Elimination Of FAT

Poor nutrition, exposure to stress and polluted environment has serious consequences for our health.

The liver is the organ that suffers most and if it doesn’t work properly, it can affect other organs.

We present to you three recipes that will clean the liver, eliminate excess fat and improve health.

Detox Drink Made From Turmeric

This potion detoxify the liver, removes toxins from the intestines and prevents kidney stones.

Mix ½ spoon of turmeric, a little grated ginger, juice of one lemon and half a cup of water.

Green Tea With Lemon

The ingredients of this potion accelerate the elimination of harmful substances from the body.

Mix the juice of half a lemon, half a cup of cold green tea and mashed bananas.

The Ideal Mix

If you drink each day 2-3 cups of this drink, liver function will be significantly increased by making it a successful rid of toxins from the body.

In a blender grind pre-chopped ingredients – medium size cucumber, half a lemon, pepper and one apple.

Source: My Healthy Life Advices

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