3 Warning Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Protein

Protein is an essential component of the body. The organs, muscle, brain, nerves, and immune system are all, to some degree, comprised of protein. You name the body structure, and it probably has some protein in it. Since protein is one of the fundamental building blocks for the body, you need to ensure that you get enough in your diet.

Lack of Protein has signs and symptoms depicted in the body changes.

3 Warning Signs You're Not Getting Enough Protein

3 Adverse Effects of Protein Deficiency

Thinning Hair
While genetics can be an important factor in thinning hair, protein deficiency can also be a cause. When we are not getting enough protein the body goes into “conservation mode” and stops sending valuable protein to nourish hair and nails. That is why hair and nail health are important indicators when it comes to checking whether or not you are protein deficient.

Swollen Eyes
Protein deficiency can lower the amount of plasma protein you have in blood which can lead to a condition called Oedema. This decrease in plasma protein can be caused by the liver not storing enough iron. If Iron is not available to help the production of haemoglobin, Anemia can be the result and swelling begins.

Deficiency of protein might affect your state as well. This is due to low energy. Proteins help in stabilizing the sugar levels present in our body and lack of enough proteins can reduce your mental alertness thereby hindering the ability to respond. Hence, you feel tired, low and weak.

Source: naturalnews

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