It is absolutely astonishing how a lack of just one nutrient (mineral) can have such a big influence on your health.

Over the last few decades, the standard American nutrition has changed drastically, causing a rise in health disorders that were rarely seen before. Lack of some nutrients is commonplace now, where many people suffer from different diseases.

Mg deficiency

The most common nutrient deficiency is magnesium. This mineral is needed for many important processes and it can be very difficult to get from food sources. In the following text, we are going to present how you can get back on the road to health, and find out if you have a Mg deficiency.

Why It Is Hard To Get Enough Mg?

It was very simple to get the recommended dose of Mg every day before a couple a years ago. Due to modern farming practices and erosion this mineral was prevalent in the soil.

Beans, seeds, nuts, mackerel and dark leafy greens are the foods with large amounts of Mg.

The following 32 signs of Mg will show you if your Mg levels are not quite up to par.

32 Symptoms That You Have a Mg Deficiency

–         Memory loss

–         Cystitis

–         Confusion

–         Dizziness

–         Seizures

–         Anxiety

–         Asthma

–         Difficulty swallowing

–         Blood clots

–         Depression

–         Hypertension

–         Heart issues

–         Migraines

–         Muscle cramps

–         Potassium deficiency usually cause irritability, fluid retention, extreme thirst

–         Liver and kidney disease

–         Nausea

–         Respiratory difficulties

–         Type II diabetes

–         Fatigue

–         Constipation

–         Osteoporosis

–         Tremors

–         Bowel diseases

–         Calcium deficiency

–         High blood pressure

–         Childbearing issues / Fertility

–         Hypoglycemia

–         Personality changes – mood disorders, depression, anxiety

–         Raynaud’s syndrome – usually causes temperature changes, cold toes and fingers, numbness in extremities.

–         Tooth decay

–         Insomnia

How To Fix The Problem

You are doing your body a big disservice if you do not get enough Mg every day. 300 chemical reactions and bodily process need this essential mineral.

You may still find that you can not intake the recommended dose even if you try to get a variety of foods every day.

You can take supplement containing magnesium and stop worrying about consuming enough spinach.

Have a nice day and choose the supplement that is good for your body.

Source: http://www.healthandhealthytips.com/

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