4 Daily habits that are ruining your vaginal health

  • Wearing tight underwear can really make things worse down there.
  • Washing your butts in the wrong direction can transfer the bacteria to the tissues.
  • Use a good detergent to wash your delicates.

Would it be wrong to say that your happiness along with other things depends a lot on how happy your vagina is? Yes, because an unhappy vagina can totally ruin your day. But, how many of us do anything to take proper care of it? Or how frequently do you pay heed to this very special lady parts of yours? Can’t remember when was the last time you did anything to maintain a healthy vagina?

Come on ladies, you’ve all the time in the world to spend hours in beauty salons to get that perfect manicure neither you mind spending a bomb on your hair care and beauty products and hair spas including so many other things to make your hair and skin look amazing, but when it comes to your vaginal health,  you become ignorant and act so carelessly. Not cool at all.

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