4 Foods That Make Us To Feel More Hungry

You know the feeling when you eat , but somehow you can’t feel satiated ? Foods should satisfy hunger , but some foods act contrary.

4 Foods That Make Us To Feel More Hungry

French fries

Few people can resist on delicious French fries. They are tasty addition to many dishes , but many of us would like to consume like chips with ketchup . But these carbohydrates filled with starch is difficult to saturate you .


Noodles are more concentrated and sweet , and less healthy . They are simple carbohydrates that cause increased levels of blood glucose , so you feel more hungry .

Flavored yoghurt

Yoghurt is an excellent source of calcium which maintain bone strength , but if you consume with taste of strawberry , pear or other fruit ,in the body you will enter more sugar than beneficial minerals . So better buy plain yogurt and just add fruit or nuts and get a meal rich in fiber and healthy fats .

Hot dog

Hot dog to many people is a hearty quick meal , but how good it is for you to satisfy your appetite , so is harmful to the digestive system . Hot dog is full with nitrates , preservatives and sodium , and when the body will be filled with unnatural ingredients will no longer be satisfied and for a short time will require more .

Source: healthyfoodteam

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