4 Health Mistakes You Make Every Day!

4 Health Mistakes You Make Every Day!

Check out the 4 worst health mistakes you make almost every other day:

1. Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast and starting your day is like driving around with limited gas. Not only will you feel less active and sluggish, skipping breakfast can even give you a higher risk of diabetes and make you hungrier throughout the day. So, eat breakfast everyday to feel happier, more functional and to stay healthy.

2. No Flossing

Flossing is the main component when it comes to oral hygiene. But, most do not think it to be as important; which needs to be changed, because plaque between the teeth can be more serious than you may think. Flossing is recommended once a day, at least.

3. Bad Posture, Including Sitting For A Long Time

Of course, nobody can sit upright all day and one always tends to slouch, which is what adds to your bad health. A bad posture leads to a painful back and a stiff neck. Including slouching, sitting all day puts you in grave danger of obesity,diabetes and heart diseases even if you are otherwise physically active.

4. Suddenly Stopping Medicines

Most of us are guilty of this one-we start feeling slightly better and stop taking our medication, but suddenly end up feeling a whole lot worse. Abruptly stopping certain medications can be life-threatening. So keep taking it until the course is over and you have consulted your doctor.

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