4-Minute Exercises That Assuredly Melt 100 Calories

We are offering you some simple exercises that will help you to get rid of the unnecessary calories. By doing these exercises at least once per day, you will achieve better look of your body. Jim Saret, which is a famous fitness coach in America, has developed his own technique of rapid weight loss, especially for the people who haven’t much time to exercise. All those traditional exercises were considered as ineffective by this coach. For instance, with running we are losing only 150 calories per hour. The exercises his is offering are burning 100 calories in only 4 minutes, but if you do everything flawlessly. However, Saret is claiming that if you are in a good physical condition, you can do these exercises for only 2 minutes.

4-Minute Exercises That Assuredly Melt 100 Calories

All these exercises are primary made for people that are leading sedentary life and they get tired very fast in the gym. To make the exercises your habit, try to practice them with a family member.

Fallowing is the plan which will help you lose 100 calories for only 4 minutes:

Jumps with raising arms: 10 repetitions;
Squats: 10 repetitions of this are quite enough;
Push-ups: do 10 push-ups consecutively. If you have difficulties with this, do it on the wall (avoid the floor);
Stepping forward: this, in fact, is a childhood exercise, with stepping forward with the left foot and crouch on the right foot. Do it on the both legs 10 times vice versa.
The couch is claiming that, this is a mini complex of practices which can be done any time.

You can exercise 4 consecutive times. Between the repetitions, you need to make a pause of 1 minute. Therefore, these short complex of exercises can be improved into a complete 20 minutes workout. These exercises are enough for a regular person. The exercises in the gym are needed just for those who want to have a perfect body that will leave some kind of an impression in the environment. But, if you like to feel great and young these exercises are enough.

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