4 Signs That Your Body Lacks Water

Almost two thirds of our body is water, and the body needs this amount in order to function normally. When the amount of water falls below the average our body dehydrates. The main sign of lack of water is thirst. But we shouldn’t drink water only when we feel thirsty but during the whole day. Among thirst there are some other signs that indicate dehydration, some of them being:

Signs That Your Body Lacks Water

Dry skin

This isn’t something new, we all know that people who have dry skin lack water. Instead of using lotions for dry skin you should drink more water which will improve blood circulation and will make your skin look better.

Sunken eyes

If the skin around your eyes is black-ringed and your eyes are without shine, than your body is definitely dehydrated. Drink more water which is essential for the moisture glands and the production of tears and the dark skin will disappear.

शरीर में पानी की कमी होने के 4 लक्षण


Constipation is a medical condition which causes people to have difficulty getting rid of solid waste from their body. With drinking enough water every day you will not have to face problems like this. The recommended amount of water is 2l/67 Oz daily.

Headache and dizziness

When we don’t drink water our blood pressure may be really low which will result with headache and dizziness. If you notice this two signs immediately drink clean water and do not substitute it with some other drinks like carbonated juice.

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