4 Surprising Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing, making you uncomfortable and withdrawn in your personal life and at work. Occasionally it may seem that there is no way to fix your bad breath. However, there are a few surprisingly easy fixes that can leave your breath fresher and more pleasant.

4 Surprising Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath

4 Surprising Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath

1. Evaluate the foods you eat

Fragrant foods like garlic and onion can cause potent breath because of the way they are digested and used within your body. The odorous chemicals in garlic are actually absorbed by your blood cells and distributed throughout your body, eventually entering your lungs. When you breathe out, the smell of garlic is often very noticeable. You can mask garlic breath with mints or gum, but it may be best to avoid garlic altogether if it continually gives you bad breath.

2. Use a nasal wash

People with allergies, people who produce a lot of mucus or who are prone to sinus infections may be providing a home for odorous bacteria, which can cause bad breath. Using a saline spray can help your sinuses to drain, which will get rid of mucus and the bacteria that live in it.

3. Check your tonsils

When food fragments and bacteria get caught in the folds on the tonsils, tonsil stones can form. These stones can produce bad smells that contribute to bad breath. These stones need to be removed in order to preserve your oral health and to prevent bad breath. A Waterpik can remove tonsil stones fairly easily. However, it is important to monitor your tonsils for new stones. An ear, nose and throat doctor may recommend that you have your tonsils removed if stones continue to form there.

4. Visit your doctor

Digestive problems may be the cause of your bad breath. People who have problems with acid reflux, which causes heartburn, often have issues with bad breath. The stomach acid and partially-digested food that enters your esophagus from your stomach can have a strong odor and may affect your breath.

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