4 Unbelievable Benefits Of Bananas

Banana is not only beneficial to our body but also is good for skin, hair and home remedy things. It is good if we know a something about the benefits of banana though most of us are unknown about its real benefits. Some of the benefits that we usually do not know are as follow:

4 Unbelievable Benefits Of Bananas

Reduce the stress – Banana reduce your stress. There is specific amino acid found known as tryptophan which brings freshness in the mind. So the people which have stress when eat banana get relief from it.

Clean the shoes- Banana actually is used for polishing shoes, or leather material.When the banana is pressed on shoes or any other leather material and silver things it make them shiny.

Increase the shine of your teeth- If you want to have shiny teeth then peel the banana as use it as tooth paste every day . This method surely is going to make your teeth shine.

Reborn your hair– The hair which has got damage for the chemical or ironing or due to styling get reborn with the use of banana. Banana with abundant amount of potassium in it keep hair smooth. if your hair is dry and rough then use banana along with some amount of honey on your hair. It remove that problem of dryness and roughness of your hair.

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