4 Various Causes of Belly Button Pain

Possible Causes of Belly Button Pain:

Here, we will analyze some symptoms, treatments and possible causes of minor complications and severe complications in belly button area.

4 Various Causes of Belly Button Pain

Overeating and food poisoning:

Overeating can cause expansion in stomach and pain in belly button area. It also put pretty much pressure and develops gas in stomach. Pain can also be triggered with hypersensitive food cause food poisoning and devastation of intestinal lining by flourishing viral and bacterial colonies in abdomen.


Side effects of medication are general cause of belly button pain. The excess intake of specific drug has adverse effect and interrupted digestive function in the body. Drugs have adverse interaction with other drugs and this clash becomes the cause of pain. It may be shows that certain medicine is not absorbing in body and create problem. In this condition, consult to your doctor to evaluate the problem.


Hernia is also a common cause of belly button pain when part of some abdominal organ is displaced and protrudes through cavity. You feel tenderness and concentrated pain in belly button area in the case of hernia. Pain will be intense with movement like bending over, walking and stretch forward.

Stomach Infections:

You may experience belly button pain and tenderness due to infection of stomach. You should consult your doctor and need medication to fix the problem.

Urinary Tract Infection (Cystitis):

Urinary tract infection (Cystitis) is due to bacterial infection and it can spread to the kidneys. It is generally found in women than men. Cystitis can cause pain around your belly button area with painful bloody urination.

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