5 Amazing Breathing Techniques That Will Help You To Get Rid Of The Stress Immediately

We are going to share some simple breathing exercises that can help you to eliminate or reduce stress. You can perform them in the office or in your home.
5 Amazing Breathing Techniques That Will Help You To Get Rid Of The Stress Immediately

Stomach breathing

First of all you need to learn stomach breathing. This exercise is the base of all breathing methods and it is very important to master this one before you move on the next ones.

1. Sit in a comfortable position. You can also lie down on a mat.
2. Afterwards you should place your hands on your belly, below the ribcage. The other hand should be placed over the chest.
3. Take a deep breathe through your nostril. The first hand should be pushed on the side of your stomach and the chest should be stationary.
4. Now breathe through your lips, just like you are going to whistle. Now guide the hand towards the inside of your stomach. This will help you to press out your breath.
5. Repeat three to ten times.

Once you perform the exercise you will feel relaxed. You should repeat the exercise as much as you can. When you master this exercise you can try the other ones.

4-7-8 Breathing

For performing this exercise you need to sit down or lie down on the floor. Afterwards:

1. Place one hand on the stomach and the other on your chest.
2. Slowly take a deep breath. You need four seconds to breathe in and feel your belly moving.
3. Now hold your breath for seven seconds.
4. Breathe out and try not to make a noise. When you count to eight the air should be out of your lungs.
5. Repeat as much as you can and need and remember to use the 4-7-8- pattern.

Roll breathing

If you prefer an exercise that you can do in sitting position you can try this method. The main purpose besides relaxing is to use full lung capacity. It is recommended to lie down if you are a beginner, but it will be easy for you once you make the exercise for the first time.

1. Place the left hand on the stomach and the right hand should be on your chest. Move your hands while inhaling and exhaling.
2. Breathe deeply and slowly from the lower lungs. Do not move the right hand (the one on your chest). Use your nose for breathing in and your mouth for exhaling.
3. You should repeat this up to eight times. Afterwards take a breath that will move your chest, just like you would breathe normally. This will help you to fill up your lung capacity.
4. Now using your mouth exhale gently and empty your lungs. Make a whooshing noise while you exhale. Your hands will move towards your body, as your chest and stomach fall.
5. You should try and do this exercise four or five times. While exhaling you will feel difference in your stress.

Morning breathing

You can do the first three exercises in every part of the day, but this exercise should be made in the morning. You should do this exercise when you wake up. It will relax your muscles after your sleep and you could minimize tension for the rest of the day. It will relax your muscles and you could kick start your day.

1. Slightly bend your knees and stand up. Slowly bend your upper body forward from your waist. Limply hang your arms close to the door.
2. Slowly breathe and return to the first position. The last thing that needs to straighten up is your head.
3. Now slowly exhale and once again bend your upper body. You should reach the position with this last breath. Afterwards stand up and stretch your muscles if needed.

Stomach breathing and deep muscle relaxation

This is the last exercise and it is time-consuming. However you will benefit the most from it. It is ideal to combine this exercise with the exercise for stomach breathing. You will exercise different major muscles but also consider the other muscles which cause you pain and discomfort. First of all, you need to sit in a very comfortable position and concentrate on the stomach breathing. Now close your eyes and do the following steps:

– If you want to relax your face you should knit the eyebrow together. Now release them.
– If you want to relax you should tilt the head toward the neck and press the chin to the chest. Release.
– If you want to relax your arms you need to push the arms away from the upper body, stretch them and afterwards relax them on each side.
– If you want to relax your legs you should point your toes as far away as you can and then relax.

Remember that you should perform these stretches along with the exercise for stomach breathing that we showed you earlier. Take deep and long breaths every time you stretch.

Source: Choose Healthy Life

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