5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Barley!

Barley is a simple grain readily available but very few of us know its many health and beauty benefits. Relatively low in calories, high in bran and fiber, the humble grain is packed with vitamins and nutrients. Here go some benefits of the wonder grain:


Helps you lose weight
Barley which is low in calories as compared to other grains, helps to reduce weight because of several kinds of essential amino acids and also because of its fiber content. Barley modulates your blood sugar levels, thus avoiding the sugar peaks and drops usually associated with the fat storage process.

Helps stabilize blood pressure
A study that compared different grain combinations; showed that adults who increased their intake of barley experienced a reduction in blood pressure.

Reduces symptoms of arthritis
Barley has copper, which may be helpful in reducing the symptoms of arthritis. It is said that copper disarms free radicals, thus helping cell regeneration.

Helps to prevent Osteoporosis
Barley contains manganese, phosphorus and copper, which are good for healthy bones. Barley juice is very high in calcium, making your bones stronger.


Healthy teeth
Barley is rich in phosphorus, calcium, and Vitamin C which are great for healthy bones and teeth.

H/T: TimesOfIndia

Barley is a source of vitamins and proteins. Please do like and share these useful health benefits with your friends and family!

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