5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Do Yourself a Warm Ginger Tea?

Ginger tea warms up the bones, helps with colds and other sicknesses.

It will cost you nothing to try this ginger drink that has a lot of health advantages. It will help you go through the autumn days without getting the common cold or flu.

5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Make Yourself a Warm Ginger Tea

Health benefits of ginger tea:
• It strengthens the immune system
• Fastens recovery when sick
• Smoothes stomach irritations
• Has a favorable impact on the nervous system
• Stimulates the work of the intestines, soothes flatulence
• Stimulates circulation
• It will warm you better than any blanket

• 1 piece of fresh ginger
• 1 liter of water
• Several teaspoons of honey
• 1 lemon

• Peel and shred the ginger into thin slices.
• Place the ginger in a pot and pour the water, put and boil this aromatic root for at least 15 to 20 minutes on moderate temperature.
• Then remove it from the fire and let it stand for 5 minutes.
• Remove the ginger from the water, sweetened it with honey, acidify it with lemon if desired and drink it warm.

Reasons why you should do yourself a warm ginger drink:
1. Strengthens the body and strengthens immunity
2. Speeds up the recovery when you’re sick
3. Calms nausea in stomach
4. Calming effect on the nervous system
5. Stimulates digestion and bowel operation and reduces flatulence

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