5 Best Foods For Fast Stomach Detox

Many researches have started to show that more and more people have bacteria inside their stomach nowadays. Our intestines contain some bacteria and it’s normal until a certain extent.

But, if imbalance starts to show up between the good and bad bacteria, this can cause many problems inside your digestive system, as well as your whole body. Luckily, there are many ways which can help you cleanse your stomach. They are mainly natural and the most common are these super foods:

  1. Oranges

They can help cool down your body while they cleanse your stomach. You’ll digest the food that you’ve consumed more easily. This citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C and has an alkaline effect. Oranges are also effective in fighting germs and improving the body’s immunity against some diseases.




  1. Garlic

Many people don’t use garlic because of its taste. But, it is actually very generous when it comes to health benefits. Garlic helps you cleanse your stomach, as well as your intestines. It is particularly helpful for people with parasites because it removes them from the intestines directly. Garlic is also know to protect against bacteria, fungi and viruses.




  1. Coconuts

Coconuts are very refreshing, but they are also known to kill parasites in your body and especially in your digestive tract. You can use cold pressed coconut oil, too, because it contains medium chained fatty acids, including capric, caprylic and lauric acid and they all have anti-fungal properties.


  1. Strawberries

These fruits act like oranges. They are good for your stomach and the complete condition of your digestive system. Actually, they are considered to be the fruits with the highest amounts of antioxidants. This high antioxidant content helps in fighting against viruses and germs in the stomach. Adding more strawberries into your nutrition will help you get rid of toxins, while building up your immunity against germs that can cause cancer and clogged blood vessels. And they’re delicious, too!



  1. Chia seeds

These tiny seeds are very good for your intestines. Just soak them in water for several minutes and enjoy their jelly-like appearance and texture. These seeds will help you flush out toxins which cause constipation and many other stomach problems. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can help you acquire an anti-inflammatory response of your immune system.


These super foods can really help you to cleanse your stomach. If you keep your complete digestive system free of toxins successfully, it will improve your digestion, give you more energy and it will also help you lose weight faster!

Source: http://www.stethnews.com/

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