5 Delicious And Nutritious Smoothies That You Can Enjoy Anytime Of Day!

Smoothies are all the rage and with good reason. They are fun to create, easy to make, delicious to eat and totally portable. In fact, there are so many smoothie options, you could have a different one every day of the year. Of course, keeping a list of so many recipes might be tough. So, Skinny Mom decided to do the leg work for you by offering you these 5 delicious and nutritious smoothies that you can enjoy anytime of day.

1. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie: Peanut butter lovers be warned—one taste of this smoothie and your life will be forever changed. Throw your favorite peanut butter into the blender along with a ripe banana and some skim milk and your taste buds are going to be overwhelmed with joy.


2. Blueberry Blast Smoothie: Blueberries, light cranberry juice and non-fat blueberry Greek yogurt are the only ingredients you need to create a smoothie that is loaded with antioxidants and protein. What a great way to start your day or give yourself a midday treat.

3. Pomegranate Blueberry Powerhouse Smoothie: Why is this smoothie called a powerhouse? Because it’s loaded with antioxidants and the number one super food of them all—kale. Vanilla Greek yogurt gives it an extra boost of protein while the chia seeds give it a thick texture.

Pomegranate Blueberry Powerhouse Smoothieisugarcoatit

4. Perfect Chocolate Smoothie: Here’s a smoothie that combines an interesting array of perfect ingredients. Maca powder, cacao powder, coconut meat and vanilla are all blended together along with your sweetener of choice (preferably raw honey or agave) to create the perfect chocolate smoothie.

5. Good Morning Sunshine Smoothie: What’s interesting about this smoothie is that you include oats into it. Why cook them when you can easily blend them along with your favorite fruits like berries and pineapple? Add some honey and fat-free vanilla yogurt and you’ve got a smoothie that tastes more like breakfast.

Good Morning Sunshine Smoothienickiwoo

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