5 Easy Ways You Can Help Yourself To Be More Mindful! See!

Most of us go through our lives generally thinking about the past or worried or anxious about what is to come in the future. In this we lose the very precious essence, which is, this very moment. Practice of Mindfulness basically teaches us how to live this moment and be aware of everything that is happening around us now. Research shows that Mindfulness works positively in cure of Depression and Anxiety and increasingly it is becoming a part of the treatment plan of various ailments From Depression to Addiction to even blood pressure.


Following are the 5 easy ways you can help yourself to be more mindful. This not only makes you more aware of this very moment, but also puts your brain in much relaxed and calmer state.

1- Multiple times of day (4-6 times), Spend 60 seconds consciously thinking about the present moment. Try and avoid any thoughts about Past or future.


2- Spend 5 minutes of your day focusing on your breathing with your eyes closed. Don’t try and alter anything, just try to be aware of how your body breathes. It does on its own, it doesn’t need your mind to do it. So just be an observer.

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3- While eating your meals, Try and focus on the taste and your bodily senses that it affects. Do it whenever you can remember.


4- While seated in your office, often remind yourself about the physical contact that your body makes with the chair underneath. On how the weight is distributed and if there is any discomfort in any part of your body. Again, just observe for couple of minutes, no need to change anything.


5- When in conversation or discussion with anyone, try and focus on what the other person is saying. Try and keep your mind open to all possibilities and opinions.

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Now you can stay relaxed and alert by using these simple steps. If you found this post useful then please do like and share it with your friends and family!

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